Anti Aging Tips For Mature Skin

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Our skin starts to mature after 21. Try these natural anti aging treatments that are pure and effective for youthful skin

Essential oils can help to protect skin as well as diminish the signs of aging caused by chemical and sun exposure. Hydrosols help to cleanse, tone and hydrate gently yet effectively. Carrier oils made from seeds and vegetables are softening, nourishing and provide the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Used as part of your skin care regime, all three are effective in helping to protect and nourish aging skin. Over time, they even reduce the visible signs of aging.

What ages our skin?

The skin’s greatest enemies are harsh chemicals and over exposure to the sun, but you might be surprised about what else ages our skin:

Lack of sleep
Air pollution
Dieting (lack of a balanced diet containing essential vitamins and nutrients good for the skin)
Poor digestion
Not drinking enough water
Lack of regular exercise
A sluggish lymph and liver
Shallow breathing
Central heating
Coffee, alcohol and anything containing caffeine or sugar

What are the different stages of aging skin?

At 21-35 we might start to lose that youthful we have been so complacent about. We might start to get a few fine lines around the eyes and maybe a little puffiness. Even the hands and neck may thin and wrinkle. This is the stage to assess diet and lifestyle use natural skin care products to limit chemical exposure and avoid over exposure in the sun. See a nutritionist and ensure you are doing regular exercise. Make sure you skin care regime is cleansing, nourishing and suitable for your skin type.

At 36-50 we might notice much more prominent sagging or drooping as the skin starts to relax and the elastin fibers degenerate. We notice more lines around cheeks, mouth and nose

At 50-65 cheekbones become more prominent as our fatty tissue wastes away. At this stage the neck really starts to fold.

At both of these stages, it’s really important to step up your preventative skin care and health routines. Making sure your diet is excellent and providing you with all the nourishment you need.

At 66+ wrinkles, lines and creases are more prominent. Skin may have changed colour and spots and patches may be visible. As per the other stages, attention to diet and general health and well being is a crucial factor.

Although this is the general pattern of aging, nurturing your health with diet and exercise as well as using skin care that nourishes and protects your skin is the best way to avoid these signs of aging until you’re well into your 90’s!

How do essential oils work to prevent aging skin?
-A careful selection of aromatherapy hydrosols, essential oils and carrier oils used daily as part of your skincare routine for mature skin helps to nourish, hydrate and feed your skin all the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to stay youthful. Try the following natural anti aging skin treatments using the most natural plant skin care on the planet.

Cleanser and toner for aging or mature skin
-Hydrosol of witch hazel, Hamamelis virginiana is pure beauty in a bottle. It has the highest antioxidant quality of all the hydrosols so is perfect for any skin that needs tender loving care, especially for those who have mature or damaged skins. It works well because it is both gentle and astringent.

Spritz on liberally to remove makeup, wipe away to cleanse and spritz again to tone. Read easy tips for beautiful skin, perfect skin for more info on hydrosols. Make sure you purchase witch hazel from a good aromatherapy supplier. Commercial brands contain alcohol which negates its properties.

Best moisturizer for aging or mature skin
The best moisturizer for oily skin is a serum. A serum nourishes and protects without leaving an oily residue or drying out your skin, making it perfect for combination skin types. You can make a serum easily at home using 3 of drops of essential oils combined with 15ml of carrier oils.

Here are the following essential oils and carrier oils that are great for nourishing aging or mature skin:

-Essential oil of carrot seed Daucus carota is the number one anti aging essential oil. It helps improve tone and elasticity, brings to life tired and lifeless skin and effectively treats age spots and wrinkles. The killer ingredient is carotene which is responsible for keeping teeth, hair and gums healthy. It is high in A, C, B1 and B2
-Frankincense Boswellia carteri is also effective in anti aging treatments. It is an effective antioxidant and helps to combat aging skin
-Sandalwood Santalum album and neroli Citrus aurantium, both nourishing healing, soothing and hydrating, are also very effective

Carrier oil jojoba Simmonsia sinensis is balancing to the acid mantle of the skin. The skin absorbs what it needs to feel well nourished and hydrated. Jojoba contains proteins and minerals as well as a waxy substance that mimics collagen (with a molecular structure similar to sebum). Jojoba is superb for aging or mature skin
Wheatgerm Triticum vulgare and avocado Persea gratissima oils are also good ingredients to have in anti aging blends for mature skin. Wheatgerm is a natural preservative for the skin and great for prematurely aging skin. Avocado is rich in vitamins and minerals and has a higher degree of penetration into the epidermal layer of the skin than most oils
Rosehip oil Rosa canina is a tissue regenerator great for aging or mature skin.

When you have made your blend, massage into face, neck and decolletage daily, morning and evening in gentle upward motions. Apply while the hydrosol is still wet to create a “cream” (since most cosmetic lotions are a mix of oil and water anyway).

Anti-aging Implants

Implants and fillers may not be simple treatments you can achieve at home, but they will immensely improve the look of an ageing face.I had lip fillers done last month, and now my lips look much fuller than before, and therefore give my face a younger look. You are advised to do your homework and always seek out a professional therapist to carry out this procedure.

Try out these anti aging and skin treatments and provided you combine them with a healthy diet and lifestyle you should be able to maintain gorgeous youthful skin for decades!

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