Eye Makeup Tips

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Eye makeup can change your entire look. Sometimes good or sometimes bad your eye makeup can make or break that perfect application of makeup. Here are some tips I have put together to help you find your perfect makeup look.

Curl your eyelashes

Use a curler before applying your mascara to make your eyes look larger. When you apply mascara your eyes gain definition, but if you use a lash curler you will truly transform your look. Just BE CAREFUL with the lash curler, the last thing you want is to pull your eye lashes out. An eye lash curler is not very expensive, and it really is a valuable piece to your skin care regimen.

Match your eyeliner to your eye color

Try some new colors that you like. So many people just pick one color and never try anything new, but there are so many colors you might love that you are missing out on. Black eyeliner has been the go to for many people for a long time, but black isnt the only color that looks great. Try new colors and see what color accents your eye color.

Conceal Dark Circles

Many women have fine lines and dark circles around their eyes. To hide these dark circles and soften the fine lines around your eyes I suggest using a good concealer to apply under your eyes. I would then apply a light amount to the corner of your eyes and blend it into your skin. To blend your concealer, I suggest using a finger to make a light patting motion on the area you want to blend. This method works for any issues you may have with your makeup during the day.

Use powder in between your mascara coats

Dont just stop at mascara! After your first coat of mascara, apply a light amount of translucent powder to your eye lashes, then continue applying another coat of mascara. Although this method may seem a little weird it looks really good and really stands out. You can use any type of brush to apply the powder to your lashes, depending on the thickness of your lashes you may need a thicker brush. When you apply the powder, you add volume and length to your eye lashes without that clumpy eye lash look.

Use a liner brush and micellar water to remove any makeup smudges

Im sure it has happened to you, after you have spent 10 minutes getting that perfect application of your eye makeup you notice a smudge. You probably went and washed all of your makeup off and started the whole process over again, but you didnt need to. If you take a small pointed brush dipped in micellar water, you can remove any smudging without messing up the rest of your liner and eyeshadow.

Hold your brush at a vertical angle

So often when you apply your mascara you may miss some lashes or dont coat them fully. If you use your wand vertically, you can use the top of the brush to apply mascara to any of your shorter eye lashes. This method works great to get those corner lashes that always get missed when using the conventional method of mascara application.

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