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Fables About Hair Loss In Men

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Even though a number of men do not care and shave the rest of their hair immediately, for many other men, bald becomes an outright nightmare. Fortunately, there are all tips for countering hair loss right? Unfortunately, many of these tips are myths. That is why doctor doctor discusses the 8 most common myths and surprising facts about baldness.

1. If you become bald, do not comb your hair too much
This is a myth. What you do with your hair from the outside, rarely affects hair growth. So little combing does not matter much, those hairs fall out anyway. The massaging effect of brushing can be good for the circulation in the scalp, and therefore for your hair. But it will unfortunately not stop the baldness.

2. Your mother’s side causes your baldness
This is not true. Baldness is hereditary. You can inherit the baldness genes from both your father and your mother. Because several genes play a role in hair loss and these are ‘shaken up’ again in every person, you can not simply see your family whether you will become bald yourself or how likely it is.

3. If a hair has fallen out, the hair follicle is dead
This statement is not correct. The hair follicle itself does not die. You can compare a hair follicle with a tulip bulb: when a tulip is dead, the bulb just lives under the ground, and a new flower can grow out of it. This also applies to hair follicles and hair. Some hair follicles can even become hairless again after some time, and produce a new hair.

4. If you have a helmet on, you become bald faster
Fortunately for the bikers among us: wearing a helmet does not make you any worse. The helmet is on the outside of your hair, which has no effect on what happens on the inside.

5. Regular shaving and cutting make your hair thicker
This is a typical fable, which many hairdressers do believe in. The hair follicles do not notice anything at all when the hair is shaved or cut on the outside. A shorter cut can give the impression that your hair is thicker, simply because it is better.

6. Bald men are more masculine
A fine statement for bald men, but unfortunately it is one that is not right. What many people do not know is that male baldness also occurs in women, but they lose their hair all over the head. The main culprit is the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT occurs in both men and women and is formed from the male hormone testosterone, through the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. Men (and women) with hair loss are therefore not more masculine, their hairs are more sensitive to DHT. That sensitivity to DHT is determined hereditary.

1. Smoking makes bare
Taiwanese research has shown that Asian men, who suffer less from male hereditary baldness (Male Pattern Baldness, or MPB), still become bald by smoking. Researcher Tony Hsiu-Hsi Chen: ‘Smoking destroys hair follicles and reduces blood and hormone circulation in the scalp.’ From an English study it was concluded that smoking promotes the hair growth. Even more reasons to stop smoking, so.

2. A shortage of important vitamins makes bald
It is often thought that unhealthy food can cause baldness. This is only partly true. Under normal circumstances it does not just happen that there is a harmful shortage of important vitamins, such as Vitamin B. This only happens in very extreme cases, for example in anorexia patients. Poor nutrition stimulates hair loss, so that it breaks down faster.