How To Take Care of Your Shoes

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The refrigerator

Refrigerate your shoes? Yes.

Really? Not really. You won’t put them inside the fridge. The part of the fridge you will be needing is either at the back or below the refrigerator.

The vent of your fridge, which serves as its fan gets the job done. Just place your shoes on the floor lying on the side while facing the vent. Be careful not to place them too close to the fan to prevent exposure to too much heat.

An alternative to this can be the air fan or any appliance that has a fan.

In the morning, you will have dry shoes without having to try too hard.

Shoe Dryer

Phew! This came to save everyone. How nice is it to have a tool made for exactly what we need to get done?

Instead of improvising with risky direct heat methods and potentially damaging your shoes, you can use the shoe dryer. Depending on the make or model, either insert the tubes into the shoes after loosening the laces or put the shoes on the dryer’s tubes and set it to the right mode as outlined in the instructions of use.

Your shoes will be dry in no time and you can go to bed early. You don’t have to keep checking over and over and waiting for hours.

This is a good investment especially if you run in the winter.

Tumble Dryer

What if you don’t have a shoe dryer yet? The clothes dryer works too. But there is a reason we didn’t place this as number one on the list, as efficient as it sounds.

You will need to be just a little more careful with this because all that tumbling may not only damage your dryer, it may damage your shoes too.

You can solve this by fastening the shoes to the door of the dryer using the laces. Make sure the shoes are firmly hooked to the door and won’t be pulled in when drying. You may also use a laundry mesh bag. Put the shoes in the bag and find a way to fasten it to the door so that it won’t get detatched.

With this method, you will also need to be careful how much heat you expose your shoes to and for how long. This is because heat can damage the different parts of your shoes or cause the shoes to shrink.

But the good news is, with these easy tricks, the tumble dryer can get your shoes dry in just minutes with minimal risk of causing any damage.


Everyone gets their snake boots for big calves wet at one point in time. It can be accidentally or just as a result of a routine wash. But drying your shoes isn’t one of those difficult tasks that should cause you stress or anxiety.

Use these simple proven tips to dry your shoes faster. Newspaper and towels are inexpensive, almost no expenditure, ways of drying your shoes safely. How about the fridge? This is available to most people and you can use it conveniently with no extra power, just what you would have used anyway. And you likely have some rice you can spare to save you the headache of having to get a new pair of shoes by morning.