Makeup Look For New Mothers

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After pregnancy and experiencing several sleepless nights with a newborn it is hard for new mums to feel and look their best. With a simple, go-to look, it will be easier for a new mum to get ready quickly while concealing the fact that her head hasnt hit the pillow for days.

Makeup Products Needed for New Mum Makeup Look

With a few makeup products, this new mum makeup look will work for anyones skin tone and skin concerns.

Tinted Moisturizer

Cream Concealer

Concealer Brush

Pressed Powder

Peach Cheek color

Two Eyeshadows in neutral tones

Brown Eyeliner

Black Waterproof (or water-resistant) Mascara

Tinted lip balm

Makeup Application for New Mum

These eight quick steps will take just a few minutes to apply but will give new mum an easy makeup application that can be used for any time and any place.

First, apply tinted moisturizer all over the face. Tinted moisturizer will give enough coverage to hide minor skin imperfections but is easier to apply making it impossible to mess up. Look for a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen to help keep skin healthy and reduce a couple steps in the skincare regimen.

With a concealer brush, apply a small amount of the cream concealer to the dark areas under the eyes, as well as any other skin imperfections like acne, sun spots, and skin discoloration. Blend softly with the tip of the finger.
Set concealer with pressed powder. Although loose powder is best for setting makeup, pressed powder will cause less of a mess and is easier to use when on the go and in a hurry.

Apply a peach cheek color to the apples of the cheeks, blending up along the cheekbones. A peach color will help give the illusion of being more awake and gives a more youthful look.

With neutral eye shadows, a shimmery vanilla and a warm cocoa for example, will work for every eye color, and will help the eyes look more awake. Even if new mum has been up all night with a colicky baby! Apply the vanilla eyeshadow to the entire eye, from eyelid up to the brow bone. With the warm cocoa color, apply into the crease of the eye and blend.
Eyeliner should be kept at a minimum, line the top of the eye, get as close to the lashes as possible. Blend with a cotton swab to smooth line if needed.

Apply a couple coats of black mascara in a waterproof or water-resistant formula.

Touch up lips with a tinted lip balm. This will keep lips moisturized while adding a subtle color. With a newborns wobbly head, many times the baby will hit the lips, smearing lip gloss and lipstick over mum and baby. A tinted lip balm will be less noticeable and easier to clean up. If you can afford to treat yourelf you could also consider Designer Permanent Makeup. This is a long lasting soluion that allows you to wake with your make up permanently in place every morning!

To maximize makeup application, keep makeup products on hand in a small bag. It can easily be tucked away in a diaper bag for touch ups and will help reduce the time needed for makeup application.