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The Importance Of Having Fresh Air While You Enjoy Your Yoga Session

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Its no secret that keeping in shape with regular exercise is a very important aspect of life. This fact is most especially true for people who spend their whole day tucked behind a desk. One very popular type of exercise taken on by a lot of people is yoga. Taken from the word Yuji, it translates to union, yoga is an age-old discipline that molds together the mind and body.

Yoga has been proven to be able to decrease stress and encourage relaxation. Studies have shown that it is able to decrease levels of cortisol in the human body, cortisol is the primary stress hormone of the body. Yoga also relieves anxiety. A study was done to test this and the results showed that the people who practiced yoga experienced much less anxiety compared to the control group.

As great as all the above-mentioned benefits of yoga are, another very important and often overlooked aspect of yoga is fresh air. Having fresh air while you exercise is very important. Engaging in your yoga session without making sure that you have adequate fresh air not quite making the most of the moment.

According to some research that was done regarding fresh air while working out, fresh air is revitalizing and increases your sense of enjoyment. Besides keeping a window open and using a fan to keep the air circulating, there is quite an important cause of bad air that is often and understandably quite easily overlooked. Did you know that floor cleaners give off dangerous off gasses that seriously deteriorate the quality of air inside a room?

The tough part is the fact that the floor has to be cleaned properly especially due to it being a yoga studio and at the same time, one has to find a balance between whats going to clean well and whats going to damage the air. An easy fix to this problem is to drop chemical cleaners altogether and switch to using a Dredge microfiber mop. Microfiber mops have a special ability in that they can clean very well and not need chemicals to do it.

How well you might ask? Well, Ill put it this way, hospitals absolutely swear by these types of mops. Why? Because hospitals have to worry about viruses and germs much more than the average house does. Therefore they need special cleaning tools that help with germ removal instead of moving them around. If you are yet to try a microfiber mop then its time you do, stopping the use of chemicals to clean your yoga studio floor is going to drastically increase the air quality for you.