False Eyelashes Or Eyelash Extensions – Big Eyes

Eyelash fills are around £80. (There are less expensive, and more expensive, options.) If women follow lash-care instructions, the extensions are said to last for up to 8 weeks, however, many women seem to need fills every 4 weeks (or more often). At this salon I suggest you make an appointment for Russian lashes - they are amazing!

There is a special type of mascara to use with synthetic lashes, but most women dont need it. Eyelash extensions can be applied for a big event, such as a wedding, and then never reapplied. Not all women are candidates for extensions.

Originally, Latisse was a glaucoma medication, but someone noticed that one of its side effects was extremely long-growing lashes. While the FDA recently approved Latisse as a beauty aid, some doctors wonder why it was approved for cosmetic usage, and docs definitely recommend getting a complete eye exam before using it. This drug can make light eyes turn brown. Latisse should not be used by any woman without the full knowledge of her opthamologist.

As always, check with a physician if there is any question about these products or if one has an allergic reaction to a specific glue or other product.

In general, good false eyelashes like Mac or Shu Uemura, and Shu Uemura adhesive, are easy-to-master products. Women with big bucks, often, like the convenience of lash extensions. Anyone considering Latisse should discuss the pros and cons with an opthamologist.